Friday, October 29, 2010

Anniversary Details

Well I suppose it's time for details on how our anniversary trip went eh? Since it's almost a week later now, lol. You can see pictures on my facebook from the trip, so here I'll just blog about what went down.

We left Wed at noon, and arrived in Vacherie, Louisiana around 3 or 4. The Oak Alley Plantation was pretty much way out in the middle of nowhere, located on a huge sugar cane plantation, and they actually were still growing and harvesting sugar cane on part of the property which was cool.

We checked in, did a little walking around and checking out the sites, and then asked around where a good local restaurant might be. We were told that there were only a couple, and only one was open that evening, it was called DJ's Grille, so we decided to try it. We went and the food was super yummy! I decided to not watch what I ate on the trip just because it was our vacation, so I got the chicken fettucine alfredo and Jesse got a homemade greek personal pizza. It was SO tasty!

After dinner we just hung out at our little cottage for the evening and once we decided to hit the sack, we discovered that our bed was extremely hard and very uncomfortable. What followed was a horrible night's sleep and we woke up very tired, but anxious to talk to the management to see what could be done for the next night. Before that though, we took advantage of the little on site restaurant for our included breakfast and that was really yummy.

So after breakfast we spent an hour or two trying to sort out our bed/sleeping mess, we finally were assigned another bedroom in our little cottage with a temperpedic mattress. The rest of the day we toured the beautiful Oak Alley grounds and we went on a tour of the actual mansion which was so cool, I love history. I would have loved to live back in those days and I think I would have fit the profile of a southern belle just splendidly. ;)

That evening we went to a restaurant in a town that was about half an hour away, and before we went to eat, we did a little shopping at an outlet mall, and ran into Kristin Tripp, an old Life Action red team member of mine, it was crazy! So good to see her!

Then we went to eat at a seafood place, called Sno's and we both had some yummy fried seafood and sweet tea. And for dessert we split a SO tasty bread pudding, omg it was so to die for. And we were SO full after that!

The next day we checked out, and then headed to New Orleans for the aquarium of the americas and the IMAX theater - the aquarium was so fun and huge, and the 3D movie we went to see was called Deep Sea and that was so cool. After that we headed down the riverwalk and went to the copied version of Cafe Du Mont's (the real one is on the French Quarter)and had some amazing chicory coffee and beignets. Oh they were heavenly!!

For dinner that night, on the way back home we stopped and got yummy steaks at Texas Roadhouse. And that concluded our very fun anniversary trip! Can't believe it's been four years, can't wait for the next four years.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CarbQuik, I can bake again!

I was very excited tonight, on my new Iphone (yes I got one and I LOVE it) I downloaded an app for low carb recipes, and I found an ingredient I hadn't heard before, CarbQuik. So I looked it up online and found that it looks and tastes just like flour but they made it in a way that it takes 90% of the carbs out!

I haven't been eating bread, pancakes, baked desserts, anything like that because of all the carbs. SO I'm very excited that I can combine this with the splenda I've been using for sweetener, and be able to eat yummy things without all of the bad things attached.

I'm also finding wonderful uses for cauliflower that I never knew existed, you can grate it to make faux rice, mash it to be like mashed potatoes, roast it and fry it, do all kinds of things with it. I'm going to buy some cauliflower in bulk and start using it! :)

Once I get back to MN and have an oven again, I'm going to experiment with a lot of healthy CarbQuik recipes and I can't wait to try them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anniversary Trip Planning

Jesse and I are both so excited, we are going to New Orleans for 2 days and 3 nights for our anniversary this year. We were trying to decide where to go, since we're down south and we've been up north for our previous anniversaries and have always wanted to go south, we didn't quite know what to do since we're already down south. :)

So we finally decided on New Orleans, so we're going to stay at the Oak Alley Plantation that also has a bed and breakfast on the property as well. Here's a picture of the driveway up to the plantation, isn't it beautiful?

And we're staying in the Rene House, in the Victorian Room which looks awesome.

So we will definitely be planning a tour of the plantation house, can't wait for that. And we are thinking we'll probably do a nice steak dinner on the night of our anniversary. We also would like to go to the zoo or aquarium since it's the 5th biggest and best one in the US, don't know if we'll go to both of them or not. Oh and there is also an Oktoberfest festival that we are thinking about attending as well. We hope to take a lot of pictures and have a wonderful time celebrating four years together! :)