Tuesday, September 13, 2011

38 weeks and reflections

I'm thinking this will probably be the last blog entry I write until our sweet little one is born. Can't believe I'm 38 weeks today! God is so good!

As the time draws nearer, I can't help but think of these last days Jesse and I have together, with it being just us. It's been just us for the past 5 years, and even though we've been longing for three years to be parents, it's been just us. We won't ever get that back, that's not a bad thing, it's just one of those things I've been thinking about lately.

Did we make the best use of our time together these past 5 years? We've had our ups and downs, and our highs and lows, but I believe we really have made the best of these 5 years together without kids. My mom arrives in six days and will be with us several weeks, so this week is really the last week it will be only us, the ending of an era you might say.

Now don't be concerned, Jesse and I fully intend to get away often, we have tons of family and friends who have offered to be babysitters, and we will not let this precious baby get in the way of our relationship. It was he and I, before she was ever in the picture, and we won't forget that. We believe it's very important to remember us before kids.

On the other side of the coin, I can't help but get SO excited about the holiday season this year with our daughter - every Thanksgiving/Christmas for the past couple years I've longed for a baby to celebrate with, and every holiday that passes, I would write in my journal and say something like, "Maybe next year will be the year we will have our own little baby to celebrate with!" I'm so glad that dream is coming true this year, and I know that the holiday season this year will be a very special one for us.

I also can't help but remember all my precious friends that still haven't had their dreams answered for them this year, I will never forget the long journey of TTC that it took Jesse and I to get to this point, and I will never forget my dear friends who are still in that journey. To them I say, hold on fast, try to enjoy day to day life without getting bogged down in this journey like I did so much and regret, know that I am always here for you and love each and every one of you, I know the Lord holds you each in a special place in His heart.


Friday, September 2, 2011

More then ready

Ok so the time has come in my pregnancy where I am extremely ready to have this little girl. I am getting so uncomfortable, and not sleeping, and I'm just tired of being tired. I felt at first as if I couldn't complain at all about things like this in my pregnancy, because we did try for 2 and a half years to get pregnant - but was reminded by sweet friends that it's ok. We have just a little over 3 weeks to go and I am MORE THEN READY to have her on the outside, I think Jesse and I both are. I just pray the Lord will give me the energy to hold out until she does come. I can see the end in sight, praise the Lord!

And now, just for some recent random facts/thoughts in and of my life:

- I have been eating things I never eat the past few weeks, I think my daughter has a sweet tooth - coke, skittles, I've been craving donuts but have yet to get some, key lime pie, ice cream, chocolate milk, and I could go on.

- There are nerves and muscles I never knew existed in my stomach/pelvic area and region until now. Thanks Cassie!

- My husband is amazingly sweet, and is there for me more then I could ever ask, and oh yeah, he's super excited about meeting his daughter.

- My mom comes in the 19th!!!!!!!!

- I love our Bible study small group from church, they are such an encouragement.

- I'm really dreading fall, because that means a horrible MN winter is coming - even though fall is one of my absolutely favorite times of the year. :sigh:

- At least I will have an adorable distraction this winter as I get to know Cassie!

- I wish we had a jacuzzi tub for my poor aching back and muscles.

- I love ice cold water!

- Jesse is a fantastic grill master, we have had majorly yummy food this summer because of it, mmmm.

- God is amazing!