Friday, June 8, 2012

New Blog!!

Well as you might have noticed, this blog hasn't really been about our family lately, more about me, haha. So I have created my own personal blog!!! Which I want to add will be updated MUCH more regularly....should be fun! I don't know if I'll do anymore blog posts here, but I'll keep this blog for a while until I decide what to do with it. In the mean time......

Check me out at:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Current Beauty Wish List

There are many things on my beauty wish list at the moment, and I'm hoping to sell my wedding dress by this summer so I can have some personal beauty spending money on some things I would really love to get. I have divided them into categories - Makeup Books, Makeup and Perfumes....and everything on my wish list I want because I've either heard amazing things about the products or have read wonderful things about them.

I'd love to hear what's on your beauty wish list!! So please leave me a comment telling me what's on your beauty wish list, or send me a link if you do a blog post on what you are wanting!!


The Makeup Artists Handbook

Express Makeup by Rae Morris


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish

Loreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Benefit Porefessional Primer

Several NYX products - I won't show them all, but a few of their products I've been wanting to get are some of their powder blushes and bronzers, I also want all three of their studio perfect primers, I want to try their pore filler too. Here's a picture of one of their blushes I want in Cinnamon - yes it looks really orange, but you can blend it out to a beautiful sheer wash of color:

Sigma Eye Brushes:

Urban Decay makeup setting sprays - I'd love them all!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in several different bright and fun colors, I love doing a neutral eye and then putting on a bright pop of color with an eyeliner. Some of the colors I want are Woodstock, Electric, Ransom, and El Dorado.


Givenvchy Organza

Cacharel Gloria by Cacharel

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Kenzo Parfum d'ete

Calvin Klein eternity for women

Estée Lauder Pleasures

Bulgari Eau de Parfumer White tea

Lancôme miracle

J'Adore by Dior

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I'm Grateful For

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but I am feeling particularly grateful today EVEN with all the stressful things going on in my life right now, so I thought I would share what I am grateful for today.

- Jesus Christ - I know this is obvious, but He is amazing! He is always near, even when I stray, He never leaves my side. He has granted me with such good health and I am SO appreciative!!

- SO thankful for a beautiful, healthy, cute baby girl - sometimes I look at her and I'm like, "What? She's mine? How the heck did that happen?" She is my baby doll, my sweet potato and my joy. I love her SO much!

- very grateful for my amazing best friend and husband, he is going through so much right now and yet he is still doing his best to provide for us and do all the manly things I don't do. And I'm so glad he's in good health. And he's sexy.

- green tea, it's yummy. And healthy!

- clean laundry, as much as I hate doing it, man I love a good pile of clean laundry.

- being able to buy whatever we need food wise and in general, and a lot of stuff we don't need but want, the Lord always provides way beyond what I could imagine.

- Godly friends who are there when we need them, they may not always be close by but are there through phone calls, emails and prayers. VERY grateful for the body of believers!

- makeup - yes I love my makeup, I was just going through it last night to pack some away and I was getting all inspired again with all the colors and products I have.

- music - AHHH, I love music! I love to sing, I'm so grateful I have a voice to sing with and ears to listen to music, music is such a huge and vital part of my life.

- knowing Mother's Day is coming up and I FINALLY get to actually physically celebrate it! I know I kinda celebrated last year when I was pregnant, but I actually have a sweet baby now, I am so blessed!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Me: from A-Z

I copied this from my friend these kinds of things - I tag all of you to do this on your blog too!! :)

Me: from A-Z

A. Age: 27 - whoa!
B. Bed size: Queen....we've talked about getting a King before, we might someday, sure would love the extra room.
C. Chore that you hate: I hate putting away folded clothes (don't mind folding them but hate putting them away, haha) and I hate emptying the dishwasher. I would almost rather wash dishes instead of empty the dishwasher and make room for dirty ones. What the heck?
D. Dogs: Don't really like them, they're kinda gross and stinky. I'm not a huge animal person, but I'd rather cats.
E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE!!!
F. Favorite color: Purple, pink, and I really like earthy, tuscan colors.
G. Gold or Silver: Absolutely silver - although I like silver or gold on my eyes.
H. Height: 5'2
I. Instruments you play: Piano, and I sing.
J. Job title: Music Teacher, Dabbling Makeup Artist, Mom and Wife
K. Kids: Cassandra (Cassie) Faith is 7 months old and 1 week
L. Live: Lakeville, MN but just for a few more months - then we'll be in Pensacola, Florida baby - oh yeah!
M. Mother’s name: Susan
N. Nicknames: Anna Banana, Annabug, Twana, Babe
O. Overnight hospital stays: When I had Cassie
P. Pet peeves: Bad spelling, super negative people, badly done makeup, dirty ears and fingernails
Q. Quote from a movie: "The bend and snap!!"
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings: One older sister and 7 brothers
U. University: Nope
V. Vegetable you hate: SO many, lol - carrots, tomatoes, peppers, squash
W. What makes you run late: I don't usually run late - I always plan for things super early so that way I am on time - I'm usually early for everything!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Never had one
Y. Yummy food that you make: Pot roast, whole chicken in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, enchiladas, grits, mmmmm.
Z. Zoo animal: Definitely the monkeys, love them!
You do it! :-) And if you do, please comment so I can make sure to come read it. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yep so if you follow me on facebook and read my latest status announcement, you will see that our big news is that we are moving to Pensacola Florida the first week of August.

The Lord has opened a ton of doors, and since we haven't ever really gotten settled here in Minnesota, and since our lease is up at the end of May we feel as if it's time to try a new place. We will be staying with some good friends the last couple of months we are here, they have very generously offered us their entire finished and empty basement. Thanks Margo and Derek!! Ya'll are the best!

I am so looking forward to being back down south after almost 6 years of living in the north since I got married. I have tried to be brave and have tried to survive here in the cold north, but it's been extremely hard for me. And northern people can be a wee bit distant and cold themselves, I know they don't mean to be, but I grew up in the south where everyone was just so friendly and welcoming and you had parties and get togethers all the time. I miss that.

We will be staying with my grandmother in Pensacola in her big house for a few months while we get settled and look for a house - and then of course two of my aunts live just minutes away from my grandmother. I am so excited about this new adventure, the move will be difficult but worth it.

I can't wait to live so close to the beach, be near southern people again, hopefully not see snow again (until we visit family back here in MN,) be around my extended family and a couple hours closer to my family, and also visit a lot of southern churches until we find the right one - I love southern churches, people are so friendly.

We will definitely miss all our family and friends up here in MN and it will be tough to say goodbye, but we are at peace knowing we are doing what we feel the Lord wants us to do and start a new chapter in our lives. Thanks in advance for all your prayers as we go through a lot of changes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes I titled this blog post simply, "Life". Why? Well because I honestly couldn't think of a better name, haha! And because so many different and random things are going on in our lives right now, I couldn't fit it all into a blog post title.

Sooooo.....we will be having some news to share with people probably by the end of this week, no we aren't pregnant so you can cross that off your list of things to imagine about us, but it is some pretty big news and I can't wait to share with everyone. The Lord has been working in our lives and opening new doors and we are excited for this next journey and adventure in our lives.

In other news, my little baby girl is almost 6 months old - in fact, she will be six months old tomorrow! Oh my goodness, the time is literally flying by, on one hand I want to majorly slow it down, and on the other hand I am loving how big she is getting and the new things she learns each and every day. I can't believe she's not a newborn/infant anymore - I love this stage in her life. And even though the newborn stage was extremely challenging, I can't help but want a sibling for Cassie, she is very social and loves to be entertained, she would love a sibling. Perhaps that won't be too very far in the future....:)

Oh I just joined a book club with some other awesome ladies in the area, so excited about this - I have been wanting more excuses to read books I wouldn't normally read, and this book club will be perfect for that. We picked out our first book, "Watership Down", and yes it's about bunnies - we all laughed when we heard about the book but at the same time it intrigued us so we had to read it - especially with Easter coming up. ;) I think it will be a unique and fascinating book, can't wait to get it from the library and start reading!!

Spring is here and I'm loving it....I just saw some beautiful birds outside the window this morning and it put a song in my heart. You never know how much you miss birds until winter is over and spring arrives. Tis a beautiful thing!

And now since Cassie is taking a good nap, I shall sign off and go beautify myself. ;) Haha, or at least try I should say.

Until next time!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts From A New Mom

- I knew being a mom would be hard, but I didn't realize the full amount of difficulty it would entail. ;)

- I have such a sensitive heart, I hate it when my baby is feeling bad, even though I get frustrated from not getting sleep, I still feel worse for her - I somehow take the pain she's feeling and feel it myself.

- I honestly thought I would have way more fun experimenting with cute girly clothes and accessories, but I guess I should have known I would dress her more like I dress myself - casual, comfy and easy. I am such a plain jeans and t shirt girl, Cassie usually wears sleepers because they're easy, haha. I might experiment more when she's older.

- Goodness, I had no idea baby fingernails and toenails grew so dang fast! I can't keep up!

- Giving baths are getting much harder, I assume they are getting harder before they get easier because she can't really sit up in her tub yet but wants too, so is constantly moving and trying to sit up.

- She started moving around in her bed last night for the first time, I came in at one point because she was fussing, and she was horizontal in bed, lol, I think she will start scooting very soon!

- No matter how hard the difficult moments, any moment she looks at me and smiles or touches my face, or tries to kiss me, I melt away and fall in love all over again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

So I absolutely have to do a review on my new Real Techniques Makeup Brushes that I just recently got with my birthday money. Oh. My. Goodness. People, I am in love with these brushes! How can you be in love with makeup brushes you ask? Well you better believe it's possible. They are amazing quality, super soft, they blend products so incredibly well, and they make putting on makeup even more fun. Which of course I also didn't know was possible. ;)

Let me introduce you to these amazing brushes - they are made by Samantha Chapman, a makeup artist in the UK - her and her sister Nic, have been makeup artists there for many many years, and they just came out with these brushes this past year. I am a huge fan of theirs, especially their makeup tutorials on youtube, they are by far my favorite makeup gurus. I would highly recommend them! Their youtube channel is Pixiwoo; their brushes website is

I have copied and pasted some info from their website to tell you more about these amazing brushes:

- Taklon bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you'll find in other brushes. Since taklon is synthetic, it's 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light – from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting.

- The color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application so you can create a flawless base, enhanced eyes, and the perfect finish like a pro.

- Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish.

- The collection is suitable for a wide range of products and every makeup need – from powders, creams, and liquids to mineral makeup, highlighter, and shimmer.

- Brush names on the handles make for easy reference when creating your favorite look.

I got the Core Collection which includes a detailer brush, a buffing brush, a pointed foundation brush and a contour brush. The buffing brush is perfect for liquid foundation, it helps the product go on quickly, doesn't soak into the brush, and creates a flawless finish. I also love the foundation brush for smaller areas, and applying concealer. The contour brush is amazing for contouring the face with bronzer.

I also got the Starter Set which includes a base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, eyeliner brush and brow brush. These are amazing for applying eyeshadows, the colors go on splendidly and the brushes blend wonderfully!

I also got the blush brush and the stippling brush - the blush brush is so incredibly soft and perfect for blending out powders, blushes and bronzers. And the stippling brush is just another way to apply foundation, it gives you that wonderful airbrushed look.

I still have yet to get the big powder brush and the lash/brow groomer, but those should get here any day!

So I highly recommend these brushes if you are looking for really good quality, and if you are looking for brushes that won't completely break your bank account. I also recommend getting a good brush cleaner and brush guards - keeping your brushes clean will make them last a lot longer, and the brush guards help dry the brushes after you clean them, so they don't splay out and lose bristles.

Let me know if you decide to get these makeup brushes and what your thoughts are on them! Also tell me what your favorite makeup brushes are and why you like them...:)

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Hair Ideas

So because my dear husband has recently mentioned several times that he loves me with short, edgy hair, and thinks I'm hot with short hair, AND because I've had several friends chop off their lovely locks and go short, I am very tempted to go short again. I get way too antsy to grow my hair too long, and besides, every time I grow it long, I end up putting it in a ponytail probably 85% of the time, and that's blah, I'd rather have short hair that I can style quickly. Ya know what I mean?

So yah, I am thinking about chopping it all off again - I found two hairstyles online that I absolutely love, and I want to get people's opinions on them - as most of you know, I have had pretty much every hairstyle, WAY short, butch, long and feminine, short and spikey, permed, etc. And of course almost every color of the rainbow. ;) So I am not afraid to do just about anything to my hair.

These are the two pictures I have found for inspiration:

So please give me your votes/opinions on these hairstyles! And I will leave you with several pictures of different short hairstyles I have had in the past years of my life. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Funness

Yes I know, funness is not a word, but I have what I call my Anna dictionary where I can make up words when I feel it is necessary, to fit the moment. ;) Sue me if you want, haha.

My dear sweet husband made sure my birthday was fun and happy, he did absolutely amazing on my gifts. Like I've mentioned before I'm a little girl when it comes to my birthday and I love opening presents, I don't think that will ever change, even when I'm 85 and gray.

Want to know what I got?? Oh I'm sure you do! ;)


- Three bottles of different and yummy wine, my own wine, it should last me a long time!! I got a Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Sauvignon Blanc, yummy.

- E.L.F. makeup products I'd been wanting - eyeshadows, eyeliner pens, half lash curler, lip primer and plumper, makeup lock and seal, makeup mist spray, eyebrow treat and tame, lip pencils - so far I am LOVING each product, they are amazing for being so cheap

- a nice hairbrush - I think I've been using the same broken one since before I was married, yikes!

- fun, colorful socks

- tons of Starbucks and Market Pantry coffee, one can never have enough coffee

- Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Color Eyeshadow palette

- Starbucks gift card

- cute flip flops

- two spring smelling Yankee candles

- one of Charlotte Church's old CD's, before she went all rocker and actually sounded good

- one card from my sweet husband and one cute card he picked up from "Cassie", awww, so sweet!!


Didn't I hit the jackpot ladies and gentlemen? Holy teledo! And on top of all that, I got a couple of gift cards and some awesome birthday cash from family and friends. So I was able to purchase some amazing new makeup brushes that I desperately needed, and a hot roller set for my hair. I still have money leftover after that, so a few other random things I need is a good eyelash glue, nail dryer spray, Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses, Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss, and other things I'm sure I'll think of later. ;)

So a happy birthday to me....can't believe I'm 27 years old, the years seem to be flying by at the moment, the older I get, the faster time goes I'm convinced. Well, till my next birthday!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to moi!!!

Yep, tomorrow, Feb 9th is my 27th birthday. What the what?? Man I feel old, I'm getting so close to 30, when the heck did this happen? And I'm finally celebrating this birthday as a mommy, that makes me feel incredibly special. And tired, lol.

I am looking forward to seeing how Jesse did on my birthday list that had a lot of makeup and beauty items on it....I will be back to update on how he did. I'm sure he will hit it out of the ballpark!

And of course, going to see Ragtime the Musical with my friend will be so super fun...thankful that my husband will be watching my baby for me so that I can go. I will try to take pictures with my friend maybe before the show, so at least I have one picture on my birthday.

If you read my FB status yesterday, you will see that I wish I had a personal chef to cook me a yummy full out Southern meal, a girl can dream can't she? Perhaps I'll settle for a good southern meal when we drive to Arkansas in March. A belated birthday meal of sorts.

Can't wait to see what this next year holds for our dear little family...I have a feeling it will be a year full of fun, new things, and surprises.

I love you all!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Of Books and Goals

Ahhh yes, the love of reading and the love of books. I have finally started reading again - thanks to the encouragement of my husband. He has three goals this year, all pertaining to there being 52 weeks in a year, and I decided to add the goals to my list. They are:

Go on 52 dates with each other
Read 52 books
Memorize 52 verses

I think this is a great list - and I have already finished my first book, the first Harry Potter book, and I must say I adored it. I have a huge imagination, and I was an avid reader as a child, I think the more TV and movies I watch the more I stray from books, sad I know. But there are so many times I miss just sitting down with a good book and imagining in my brain what the characters look like, painting scenes in my head, etc.

My brother in law introduced me to Harry Potter, for so many years I was kind of told to think that the Harry Potter books were evil and of the devil, when really it's just an amazing, articulate, imaginative series that opens the world to wonderful things in your head! I am amazed so far at how the author can come up with so many character, stories and details, what a talent. I also just watched the first movie as well after I finished the first book - I figure I will read a book, then watch the corresponding movie, and I loved the movie almost as much as the book.

As far as the other two goals, I really need to get my butt moving on deciding which scripture to memorize each week, I'm behind already, lol. Any ideas on some good scriptures to memorize?

And as far as the dates, we are one down and 51 to go....;)