Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makeup For Everyone's Skin Tones

I have been asked by several people to put up a make-up post every now and then, and since I've been reading a few books on make-up from the library recently, I figured I would do a post on colors of makeup for different skin tones from a book I've read - so find your hair/skin tone below and try the colors, you will be pleasantly happy!

BLONDES - any skintone from porcelain to olive - colorful shades like pinks and rose bring color to your face and provide contrast.

Highlight - choose an opal irridescent shimmer, it has a blue-pink oil in water glow that shows when light hits it.

Eyes - make sure you choose shades in cool browns, taupes, bronzes, granite, tawny pinks, pastels, mauves and plums. Also, blondes tend to have eyelashes with blonde tips - either use a good dark mascara, or think about possibly getting your lashes tinted at a local salon!!

Cheeks - Roses, pinks, pinky bronzes, corals and cool peaches create a very fresh and healthy look for you blondes.

Lips - try pink, mocha pinks, peachy pinks, sandy pinks, roses, mauves, golden raspberry and cherry reds. And a tip, light shimmery colors make lips look larger than darker ones.

PORCELAIN SKINNED REDHEADS - a lot of these women with this coloring have a hard time finding makeup colors that look the best on them. Think soft peaches, coppers, bronzy tones so your skin will glow!

Highlight - look for a sheer white or vanilla tone, although you will barely see it, the effect will create a subtle halo of light that makes your eyes pop.

Eyes - choose sable or chocolate browns, toasty taupes, pale golds, peaches, light bronzes, coppers, burgundy browns, eggplants or khaki greens. Brown mascara looks more natural than black which can be too harsh against fair skin.

Cheeks - Choose peaches, apricot pinks, or light coral shades.

Lips - Peaches and warm pinks, sheer corals, apricots, honey colored nudes, raisins and gold flecked reds.

Tips - you are probably blessed with beautiful freckles, I wish I had a few, people associate freckles with youth so enjoy them! Don't hide them, let them glow and show!

BRUNETTES - you guys have naturally dark eyebrows usually and lashes that frame and define eyes. I have very light eyebrows and I'm a natural brunette, so I do have to fill in my eyebrows, but most of you have darker eyebrows.

Highlight - Champagne shimmer works best on you

Eyes - play with all shades of shimmering browns, silvery taupes, mochas, golden pinks, gold, bronze, navy, purples and plums, burgundies and forest greens - who says brunettes can't have more fun?? ;)

Cheeks - choose rose, berries, bronzers and terracottas

Lips - pick rose hues, berries, plums, bronzes, golden and browny pinks, shimmering mochas, wines and true reds. Avoid pastel lip colors, these will wash you out.

ASIAN - these beautiful women have full lips and skin that never seems to age, no fair right? Asian complexions look best when color is brought to the cheeks and eyes are defined.

Highlight - pale pink shimmer looks gorgeous on your skin

Eyes - choose colors in shades of tawny pinks, shimmering taupes and browns, burgundy, vanilla, emerald green, silvery plums and deep purples. Asian eyelashes tend to point downward, so curl them and you'll get an eye opening effect. And apply waterproof mascara to hold your curl longer!

Cheeks - wear pinks, berries, plums and roses.

Lips - opt for pinks, like raspberry, roses, golden pink shimmers, pinky browns, mauves and nudes.

MOCHA SKIN - women with this coloring have so many makeup hues to choose from and look especially radiant in golden colors.

Highlight - choose golden pink shimmers

Eyes - pick caramels, toffees, coffees, chocolate browns and deep wines, navy blues, golds, bronzes, emerald greens, teal, deep plums and violets.

Cheeks - choose berries, golden corals, bronzes, deep warm pinks and dark apricots

Lips - think sheer golds, beiges, coffees, caramels, toffees, bronzes, berries, wines, pinks, corals and garnet reds.

DARK SKIN - you can pull off bold, jewel toned colors like no one else! Anything too light or sheer might look ashy.

Highlight - choose a true gold color

Eyes - pick golds, coppers, bronzes, coffees, deep navy and cobalt, rich dark eggplants and purples, jewel toned greens, ebony, deep mahogany and chocolate browns. Also, make the whites of your eyes pop by applying sapphire blue pencil along the inner rims, known as the water line.

Cheeks - think dark raisins, burnt orange, magentas, fuchsia, and rich blood reds.

Lips - pick sheer lip gloss in shimmery clears, golds, honeys, caramels, oranges, corals, deep plums and bronzy pinks. Or choose lipsticks in sheer mahogany, blackberry, maroon, raisin or deep red.

OLIVE SKIN - in addition to women with Hispanic roots, this group includes all women with olive skin, such as those from Italy, India or the Middle East. Bright colors like coral on cheeks and lips, and everything from shimmery bronzes and pale golds to deep greens and blues around your eyes will play up your amazing skin color.

Highlight - pale golds and pinky golds to create a luminous glow

Eyes - pick rich sparkling browns and burgundies, copper, bronze, gold, warm tawny pinks, eggplans and warm plums and deep forest greens and sapphire blues

Cheeks - think warm pinks, corals, brownish rose and apricot

Lips - go for warm pinks, sheer shimmery nudes, corals, peachy apricot, golden berry shimmer and sheer blood reds.

Monday, May 24, 2010

OB/GYN Update

So Jesse and I went to an OB/GYN appt. today for an infertility consult and to discuss a few things.

I absolutely LOVE the OB/GYN I picked to go too, she is young, my size and SO personable, love her to death! She talked to us in length about what we can do, and since I'm currently on a long cycle, she gave me meds to take for the next 10 days to induce a period, and there are several things she wants to do once I'm on my period and in a new cycle like have a bunch of blood work done that I haven't had done, and some I have had done before, then she wants me to get an HSG test where they put dye in my fallopian tubes to just check everything out. And also hopefully during that time frame she can check to see if I did ovulate.

So once we see how my blood tests are and the HSG test goes, then I'll make another appt. to talk about Clomid which helps induce ovulation and periods. We'll see what happens in the next month or two, I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. I'm so glad I liked my new doctor, that's a huge plus for me. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

what would it be like to be a mother?

Tonight I am thinking, and longing and wondering what it would be like to be a mother. Or to even be an expectant mother....I would be having baby showers, getting cute things for the baby, picking out an awesome name, making plans for their birth-day, talking to my baby in my stomach, singing to my baby, I'm sure I would be doing all of those things and more. And I would love it, and I would be good at it, I just know it.

I'm not upset, or mad, or angry about not being able to get pregnant right now, I'm just wishful I suppose. I know having a child changes your entire life, and that you can't ever go on spontaneous dates as just husband and wife again, and you hardly get sleep at night, and your life revolves around them, but believe it or not, that's what I want. I want someone else sharing our lives with us, with Jesse and I, someone we can call our own and that can share our last name and live with us. Someone that we can watch grow up, and that relies on us and lets us teach them things, I want our family to get bigger and get even busier and more stressful than it is right now, yes I want these things.

And no, my period never did start, and no I'm not pregnant, I haven't taken a test but I know in my heart I'm not, I've been through this WAY too many times, I think I would just know deep within me if and when I ever become pregnant, I think I would know even before taking a test. My body is just being weird again, just like it always likes to be, I'm trying to not see this as a set back, but I really don't know what to think about it and I just have to wait, again, seems like I'm constantly playing this waiting game, its getting rather tiring, but there's nothing else to do at the moment. Seems like I'm back at square one, not being able to figure my body out even though I've lost some weight and have been eating better.

I keep trying to figure out if there is some underlying stress deep within me that I just don't see, because I honestly am no longer stressed about this whole thing any more, and haven't been in a while, I just get sad, wishful and I start longing really badly to be a mother. That's not stress is it? But I could have some stress deep within me that I don't know about that's causing my body to continue being abnormal, I don't know, and I don't think I'll ever know. I know the Lord is in control and He has a grand master plan, the fact that I don't know it is at times frustrating, but I know He knows what He's doing.

So in the meantime, I know as a sinner and a human being I will continue to long, and be wishful in my thinking, I know the Lord understands and knows my heart, and for that I'm truly grateful.

Friday, May 14, 2010

summer planning

So I've had plenty of baby posts recently, not too happy ones, so I figured to get myself in a different mindset right now I would blog about our fabulous summer plans. :) I love being busy, it helps me lose weight and the distractions are wonderful for my emotional health and well being. So here are our summer plans, enjoy and I'd love to hear what your summer plans are!



- Fun make-up consult where I get to watch my new make-up artist friend meet with a bride and do her trial make-up, can't wait for that.


- I get to go to a wedding with my make-up artist friend and watch her in action and hopefully learn a lot of things.

- My sister in law Andrea graduates from college as a paramedic and I get to go to her open house - Jesse has to work which stinks, but I'll go and represent our family. :)

- Celebrate Jesse's 27th birthday, don't quite know yet what fun things we will do but I'll come up with something.

- Going to a Twins baseball game with our Bible study group.

- I'll be playing for a cool Barry Manilow tribute show that should be so much fun, I love that man's music.

- Jesse will be gone for 2 weeks for his summer coast guard training, so I will be flying to Maine for over a week and for this I'm SO excited - Julie and I will have a blast!

- After I get back from Maine, my beautiful mom flies in to see me for a few days, and I'm sure we'll have a blast too, we'll also be driving to go see Mom's sister and family in Iowa for an overnight visit, can't wait to see them.


- My friend Sarah and I have two weddings to play in, we have a violin/piano music wedding business that we call Bella Musica, so we're very much looking forward to July.


- We will be going camping with our Bible study group - something Jesse is very much looking forward too, and I'm trying to look forward too, lol.


So those are our plans as of right now, I'm sure more will be added as the summer continues to approach. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


EDIT: I thought I had started my period the other day, but turns out it must have just been some breakthrough middle of the month bleeding. Which stinks because I was all excited - I would need to start by today before I'm late. I really thought I was starting and was beginning to be normal, perhaps I shouldn't have counted my eggs before they hatched, no pun intended, lol. Anyways, I'll keep ya'll posted....hopefully I start soon.


SO excited, I just started my third cycle in a row that has been exactly a month long. I am so thrilled, I have not been this regular three cycles in a row in SUCH a long time. I know it's no picnic to be on your period, but for someone who has had a really long 2 years of crazy cycles and hormone weirdnesses, this is awesome. Especially on Mother's Day when I thought I would be really down in the dumps! The Lord is so good, this is such an encouraging sign to me, thanks so much for continued prayers and support. Hopefully this normality will lead to a precious little one very soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well Jesse got tested, and he is completely normal in the fertility aspect of life, so that means its all my fault. I'm really trying not to be down in the dumps and depressed that it's my fault we aren't getting pregnant, but I really feel like there's a huge burden and weight on my shoulders now knowing this. :( I am very happy that Jesse is fine and all normal, but it's hard knowing it's all me. And I know that the Lord has a plan for all of this, I just don't know what it is - my husband is being very sweet to me and is being such a trooper through all my emotions. It's tough.