Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes I titled this blog post simply, "Life". Why? Well because I honestly couldn't think of a better name, haha! And because so many different and random things are going on in our lives right now, I couldn't fit it all into a blog post title.

Sooooo.....we will be having some news to share with people probably by the end of this week, no we aren't pregnant so you can cross that off your list of things to imagine about us, but it is some pretty big news and I can't wait to share with everyone. The Lord has been working in our lives and opening new doors and we are excited for this next journey and adventure in our lives.

In other news, my little baby girl is almost 6 months old - in fact, she will be six months old tomorrow! Oh my goodness, the time is literally flying by, on one hand I want to majorly slow it down, and on the other hand I am loving how big she is getting and the new things she learns each and every day. I can't believe she's not a newborn/infant anymore - I love this stage in her life. And even though the newborn stage was extremely challenging, I can't help but want a sibling for Cassie, she is very social and loves to be entertained, she would love a sibling. Perhaps that won't be too very far in the future....:)

Oh I just joined a book club with some other awesome ladies in the area, so excited about this - I have been wanting more excuses to read books I wouldn't normally read, and this book club will be perfect for that. We picked out our first book, "Watership Down", and yes it's about bunnies - we all laughed when we heard about the book but at the same time it intrigued us so we had to read it - especially with Easter coming up. ;) I think it will be a unique and fascinating book, can't wait to get it from the library and start reading!!

Spring is here and I'm loving it....I just saw some beautiful birds outside the window this morning and it put a song in my heart. You never know how much you miss birds until winter is over and spring arrives. Tis a beautiful thing!

And now since Cassie is taking a good nap, I shall sign off and go beautify myself. ;) Haha, or at least try I should say.

Until next time!!


  1. You got me. First thing I thought that came to my mind was, "They're having another baby!!":)

  2. That's unfair..... Just saying :D

    1. P.S. Who do you do your book club with? I really want to join one.

  3. Excited to hear your news. :)