Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts From A New Mom

- I knew being a mom would be hard, but I didn't realize the full amount of difficulty it would entail. ;)

- I have such a sensitive heart, I hate it when my baby is feeling bad, even though I get frustrated from not getting sleep, I still feel worse for her - I somehow take the pain she's feeling and feel it myself.

- I honestly thought I would have way more fun experimenting with cute girly clothes and accessories, but I guess I should have known I would dress her more like I dress myself - casual, comfy and easy. I am such a plain jeans and t shirt girl, Cassie usually wears sleepers because they're easy, haha. I might experiment more when she's older.

- Goodness, I had no idea baby fingernails and toenails grew so dang fast! I can't keep up!

- Giving baths are getting much harder, I assume they are getting harder before they get easier because she can't really sit up in her tub yet but wants too, so is constantly moving and trying to sit up.

- She started moving around in her bed last night for the first time, I came in at one point because she was fussing, and she was horizontal in bed, lol, I think she will start scooting very soon!

- No matter how hard the difficult moments, any moment she looks at me and smiles or touches my face, or tries to kiss me, I melt away and fall in love all over again.


  1. Awe, she is already scooting? Can she already be that big? Hope we get to see you all! :)

  2. Sad we didn't get to see you. But, I had to comment and say that I love that family picture of yall!! She is sooo cute!!!

  3. Awww, thanks Heather! WE are so sad we didn't get to see ya'll either!! :(