Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I'm Grateful For

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but I am feeling particularly grateful today EVEN with all the stressful things going on in my life right now, so I thought I would share what I am grateful for today.

- Jesus Christ - I know this is obvious, but He is amazing! He is always near, even when I stray, He never leaves my side. He has granted me with such good health and I am SO appreciative!!

- SO thankful for a beautiful, healthy, cute baby girl - sometimes I look at her and I'm like, "What? She's mine? How the heck did that happen?" She is my baby doll, my sweet potato and my joy. I love her SO much!

- very grateful for my amazing best friend and husband, he is going through so much right now and yet he is still doing his best to provide for us and do all the manly things I don't do. And I'm so glad he's in good health. And he's sexy.

- green tea, it's yummy. And healthy!

- clean laundry, as much as I hate doing it, man I love a good pile of clean laundry.

- being able to buy whatever we need food wise and in general, and a lot of stuff we don't need but want, the Lord always provides way beyond what I could imagine.

- Godly friends who are there when we need them, they may not always be close by but are there through phone calls, emails and prayers. VERY grateful for the body of believers!

- makeup - yes I love my makeup, I was just going through it last night to pack some away and I was getting all inspired again with all the colors and products I have.

- music - AHHH, I love music! I love to sing, I'm so grateful I have a voice to sing with and ears to listen to music, music is such a huge and vital part of my life.

- knowing Mother's Day is coming up and I FINALLY get to actually physically celebrate it! I know I kinda celebrated last year when I was pregnant, but I actually have a sweet baby now, I am so blessed!

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  1. So happy you get to celebrate Mother's Day! I hope it is very special for you. ;-)

    Love your list of thankfulness!!